What is the difference between organically grown and wild crafted?
What if the atomizer sprayer does not spray?
Can People Putty™ be consumed internally?
 Can I use too much, and what’s the recommended application?
How is People Putty™ different from other products?


What is the difference between organically grown and wild crafted?

Organically Grown refers to those herbs that are grown without the use of chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. These farms are tested and certified that their soil and growing methods meet all the standards set forth by the USDA Organic industry. These farmers have an appreciation for the environment, water usage, and keeping the eco-system healthy. Also, supporting a farming lifestyle that’s best for the next generation to continue with healthy and alive soil to farm for decades.

Wild-crafted is the practice of collecting medicinally beneficial plants directly from their natural and native habitat, as opposed to cultivating them in a greenhouse or on a farm. A plant that is found in it’s natural environment, surrounded and nourished by its natural companions, watered by the rain, in undisturbed, nutrient-rich earth. These plants are generally stronger as they grow where they have chosen and in a spot that they will get all the right chemicals, nutrients and sunshine.

Wild crafted is always my choice, however, one must be sure to get them from a reputable source. Just like with organics, wild crafters must abide by all the codes to harvesting. This includes being sure to not overharvest, as well as being conscious of the correct species, season, and the time of day to harvest.

Making sure the products are made with either organic or wild crafted herbs is crucial to be sure you get a powerful and quality product. White Crow Botanicals will never use any commercial, chemical filled ingredients. That’s our promise to you. We will take whatever steps necessary to procure only the best quality ingredients for our products and as local as possible.

What if the atomizer sprayer does not spray?

In all the years I have used these atomizers, I have only seen a few malfunction. They are a simple design and can only get damaged if dropped on a hard surface. However, they rarely can become blocked. We make the formula as strong as possible and some of the mucilage or soothing properties in People Putty can be thick, so how to remedy this is to unscrew the atomizer, fill a glass with some warm water, place the atomizer tube in the glass, and pump some warm water through it. Sometimes tapping the sprayer top with a little pressure will work as well, to dislodge the particulate and wash it through. Spray the remaining water though and screw back on the bottle.

If you are ever unsatisfied with an atomizer or experience trouble with it, White Crow Botanicals will immediately send a new replacement atomizer to you at no charge. Just give a call or send an e-mail in the “contact us” page or to whitecrowbotanicals@gmail.com.

Can People Putty™ be consumed internally?

The herbs used in the formula have been consumed for literally thousands of years, and up to about 13 years ago, this was an internal formula. However as with all herbs that really work, the FDA will find some cause to rob the good they do from our legal internal use. Thus, we cannot recommend the internal use and state that this is only an external application product.

Can I use too much and what’s the recommended application?

The ingredients in this formula are safe for external application and you can use as much as you like. The only contraindications are to not apply to broken skin, the eyes, and not to use if pregnant or nursing. 

Many immediate injuries respond best to at least 3 to 4 applications a day. The ideal approach is to spray a coat on the affected area, rub in and let dry a minute, then apply a second coat, rub in and let dry, till there is a nice coating on the area. This works especially well at night before retiring to bed and allows for deep penetration all night long and achieves the best results for acute or immediate traumas. As with longstanding conditions, many see immediate relief, however, change can be slower and less noticeable, but stick with it and trust the body’s healing process. Even old injuries can be repaired and the body always responds when given the right nutrients and physical therapy. Visualizing healing taking place can be important as well. For more information, see the applications info on the product page.

How is People Putty different from other products?

Many products on the market supply relief, warm or cold sensations, and a bunch of other claims. When you look to a product like People Putty, you will notice a proprietary herb blend, which is designed to be super healing foods for the body to utilize. The biggest key to healing is to enhance the bodies own repair blueprint. The body inherently knows how to heal itself and the original form to replace to the damaged area. The body’s intelligence works automatically, so we don’t have to think about it.

However, our job is to supply all the necessary ingredients to the body. People Putty was designed to assist this process and will deliver the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and healing properties directly to the injured part in a bio-available way. Healing, nerve damage and tissue repair can go on and blood flow and circulation are increased in normal healthy individuals. People Putty supplies all the necessary ingredients for the body to feed, nourish and repair the injured part, and this is why this product is unique.