“When aches and pains come your way, let People Putty spray it away…”

“It works, that’s all I can say!”
– Sarah O’Meara

– Garret, Sportsman’s Den, Mt. Shasta Ca. Nov. 2017

Jessica, Berryvale Grocery, Mt. Shasta, Ca.  Oct. 2017

Steve, Shasta Base Camp, Mt. Shasta Ca.  Oct. 2017

sheri“I want to introduce all my ninjas to People Putty. I get asked all the time…but I
rarely ever endorse products. In fact I don’t even like calling this a “product”…but
rather a companion to my training!

Recently, I was sent a bottle of ”People Putty” made by White Crow Botanicals. It’s a
natural, organic healing liniment that is sprayed externally on your skin. I have an
old tennis elbow injury from early on in my BJJ career that has been very inflamed
recently…So I thought this is the perfect test for People Putty. I stopped icing my
injury and only used People’s Putty daily for 6 weeks and I noticed a HUGE
difference! Not only had the pain disappeared but also the tenderness was gone and
it felt amazing! I strongly recommend People Putty as a daily healing aid and
supplement to the intense rigors of BJJ. “

On Instagram check out… #bjjafter40 #peopleputty #spiderninja #originbjj

Mike “Spider Ninja” Bidwell – BJJ After 40    May 2017

sheri“Thanks Crow for introducing People Putty into my family’s life. It is an essential part of our home made first aid kit and is used often for all of life’s simple bumps and bruises.

However, last year it became an essential ingredient in my sons healing process from a broken clavicle from mountain biking, and then recently it amazed me with how it healed an injury I suffered from, as a result of possibly the hardest fall I can remember ever taking. At first I thought I was OK but two days following my fall I had completely lost the ability to use my right arm and thought I was going to have to go to a doctor (which I never do). The pain was challenging and I needed assistance to stand up and had to be helped for almost everything for the next two days. My family was concerned as well as myself.

My wife applied People Putty to my arm immediately and on several occasions over the next 24 hours, and then the following seven days. Within 48 hours I was able to move my arm slightly by using my other hand to lift it. Following the next 24 hours I was able to lift my arm slightly without any help and over the next 3-4 days I could lift my arm to my chest. In one week I could raise my arm over my head. I did not use anything else in my healing process other than People Putty. No ice or hot packs. Nothing! Just People I’ve always been a believer in Miracles. It was a blessing to experience one first- hand.”
John T.    Feb. 2015

We discovered People Putty a few years ago and it has been a “go to” aid in our house ever since! I had just recently bought a 4oz bottle and the timing could not have been better. I took a terrible fall down slippery wooden stairs 3 weeks ago, landing on steps, hitting my lower back first then upper and a final bump of the head. As I crawled back inside, the first thing I did was get the People Putty! To my amazement, my bruising went yellow within 4 days, never getting horribly black and blue. While I am still recovering from my injuries, I know without doubt that the trauma would have been so much more had I never had this wonderful product on hand. I have been advised to jump on the bandwagon of steroids and shots from western med and can delightfully report that between my Chiropractor and People Putty, I have not had to go down the rabbit hole that has become our medical protocol. No drugs, not even an aspirin! People Putty! Thank You Crow for this sweet contribution to society!
We use it for all our bumps and bruises as well as joint aches and pains.

Tamara S.    Feb. 2016

My daughter told me about your People Putty, and suggested I try it. Well I did and two days later ordered a large bottle of it with extra spray bottles so I could share it with my neighbor.
She was leaving that day on a very long trip and was having lower back pain. I told her spray this on your back as you travel to make your trip more pleasurable. After her return she commented that it truly worked and was very thankful that she could enjoy her trip.
Now for myself! I was working in my garden, you know, pulling weeds, mowing the back forty and just about anything else you can do in between rain and wind storms. Needless to say, that night both of my hands were beginning to swell and every muscle, joint, tendon and whatever else is in there began to hurt. Now let me tell you that was an unbearable pain. My husband said, “Use some of that spray”! So at first I started to just spray it on the most painful area then thought, why not just spray it all over both of my hands. SO I DID!!!!
I am not sure how much time went by but all of a sudden I noticed that my hands were not hurting at all… AMAZING RESULTS
Final out come… I got to sleep restfully that night without any pain!!!!! Thank you PEOPLE PUTTY…”

Sheila M.    April 2016

sheri“Thank you White Crow… You should have some sample packets for non-believers. I have 2 back injuries and today they are gone because of you. You have to try it to believe it. I didn’t think it would work, but when I sprained my elbow one day, I tried it, and after 2 applications it was gone. I recently hurt my back again, and even though I am doing lots of yoga to help make it better, it wasn’t recovering. Last time this happened, it took a whole year to feel better. I’m currently waiting for a diagnosis, I don’t know what’s really wrong with my back, and I think it might be an underlying condition. 
Anyways, people should know that ‘PEOPLE PUTTY’ really works, and I’m talking right away! Both my back injuries started healing immediately after applying the spray, and they were gone after just a few days. Now I need a giant bottle because whenever my back injuries return, I want it gone again. It’s been hurting for 5 years and it’s so great to have the pain gone in 2 days, instead of a year like
last time!!!!”
Goldie S.    Feb. 2015   Mt. Shasta, Ca

sheri“I love People Putty. If it weren’t for you, I would still be walking with a limp. This summer I injured my ankle. I used People Putty on my sprain and within days I could walk again. I would recommend this to anyone who has a sprain in a heartbeat. It saved me. If that injury acts up, just a few days of Putty and I am off and running again. Thanks Joe, you and your products are the best! Yeah-White Crow Botanicals! Everyone should know about your magical spray – the world is a better place because of it!”
Sheri Scott December 2014 Weed, Ca


sheri“Well, my friends, I absolutely must tell you about this wonderful product that my friend Joe Crow makes. Here is my testimonial: About 4 weeks ago I took a spill climbing out of the back of my truck. Man down! 1 point landing on left shoulder. This was incredibly painful for two weeks. I tried a massage but still no relief. (Massages are nice though). I finally called Joe to inquire about his product and within a half hour, I had my shoulder liberally doused in People Putty. Did it again 5 hours later. Next day, Pain gone! Unbelievable!

This product is everything BenGay wishes it were.

All my active friends, this is a MUST have in the cabinet. You’ll thank me later. And thanks
Joe Crow for not only a great product, but your friendship as well.”

Todd D. February 2015

People Putty has become a necessary therapy for my sciatica, with which I was recently afflicted. When my sciatica reared its head, I remembered that I still had my original bottle of People Putty that I had ordered a few years back and wondered if any of the compound remained.  I found it, and started using it immediately wondering if it would still be effective.  Its strong aroma remained, so I decided to try it; I certainly had nothing to lose. Although I had started using a rub-on relief cream for my sciatica, which is also herbal based, I decided to use them both and applied the People Putty first since it’s liquid.  As I massaged the People Putty in, the effect of the aroma was immediate, and as I kept massaging, I could feel my tension started to leave and I actually experienced immediate relief from the pain of my sciatica in the area that I was rubbing. I actually felt the pain lessening and the relief was evident when I stood up to walk into another room.  Remember, this was the original bottle I had bought YEARS ago!  It was just as potent as it had been when it was formulated. I have just ordered a 16-ounce bottle now and use it every day for relief.

This product has made such a dramatic difference in the initial severity I had been experiencing.  It was the first time I have suffered any kind of condition or pain that threatened to limit my mobility and my ability to continue performing tasks, walking around, sitting, and sleeping comfortably.

I am using additional therapies to rid myself of the sciatica, including back decompression and exercise to strengthen my core muscles to correct muscle strength imbalance.  But People Putty is definitely the element in my rehabilitation that has given me the most relief and made it comfortable to participate in my other therapies, and comfortable and pain-free as I go about my life.  So I religiously apply it, the first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon, and before retiring for the night. Things for me have improved so much that some days I only feel a small twinge of the sciatica every now and then; and there are periods that I even forget that I still have it.  My comfort has increased about 98%, so I know that I’m on my way to being healed.  And it has only been a little over a month.

I have been recommending this to everyone I know.  I turned 73 years old in December. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have this product.

Joyce W.   Feb. 2016

“At 82, years of multiple back and knee problems have affected my mobility. Since using People Putty, I am walking farther, climbing stairs comfortably and bending over without pain. Soon I expect to be working in the yard.”
Ann Allen,    Anacortes, Washington

eli“With any sport there are risks you take in order to progress your own skill set, every so often in attempt to progress at A increased rate you will make a mistake or two these mistakes can sometimes result in not only a lot of pain and sometimes hardship but it can also keep you from your path of progression witch sometimes can be the worst part. Over all my years of falling down and getting back up again (no matter what sport) I have yet to find something that compares with White Crow Botanicals People Putty. In my experience it can cut your healing time down by 40-75% and that makes a world of difference when you’re (in my case) More than ready to get back on that bike again. I highly recommend WCB’s People Putty, it keeps me on the bike and that’s what matters. Thanks for all the support White Crow Botanicals!”

Eli Newman,   Mountain Bike Pro 2013

“This stuff is amazing! I twisted my ankle really bad and I think I could have easily sprained it while I was visiting Mount Shasta in August of 2013. It was magic how it healed. I just ordered a larger bottle now that I am home for my kids and family. I think I will bring this to my chiropractor to show him.”
Alison R.    Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

bwinstonWOW!! People Putty is the most advanced and effective concoction for sports injuries – and all general nagging pains. I was skeptical at first, but quickly became a HUGE supporter within 24 hrs of using it after a bicycle crash. THIS STUFF FLAT OUT WORKS!!! I keep a supply with me at all times, and give away bottles as gifts so others can enjoy the benefits of White Crow’s pure medicine! Thanks Joe for continuing to make this liquid gold!
B. Winston     Mt. Shasta, Ca


“After sustaining severe whiplash after a bad skiing accident, applying People Putty™ gave me immediate relief for my pain, swelling and immobility. People Putty™ noticeably sped up my recovery time and I now use it whenever something hurts! I am amazed at how quickly this product relieves everything from muscle pain, joint stiffness, and sports related injuries. I highly recommend this product and don’t leave home without it!”
-Janelle Boatright, M.A. Psychologist, writer, and super active gal. September 12, 2011.


“Using my computer ten hours a day, six days a week, caused both of my shoulders to develop soreness and restricted range of movement. I had been tolerating this for two years, when I decided to try to go swimming and exercise my shoulders. The next day I could not move my right shoulder without experiencing excruciating pain! For example, I couldn’t even reach up for the seat belt in my car. Fortunately, I had People Putty™, and began rubbing it into my shoulder vigorously about three times a day. The next day, most of the pain was gone, and the day after that my range of motion improved noticeably. People Putty™ works on just about anything and it works fast; I have used it on wounds, scrapes, aches, and pain. I always keep it handy.”
-Rich A., ND, author of Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Arise and Shine Products.

“Being a skateboarder, I get frequent bruises and sprains. I was used to waiting a couple of weeks to heal, but when I use People Putty™, that time is greatly reduced. In several instances, I have accidentally rolled my ankle, treated it with People Putty™, and have been completely surprised to find myself at the skate park a few days later, my ankle feeling fine. When I was a teenager, I had surgery on my elbow, and I continue to get aches and pains there. I am able to find relief when I apply People Putty™ to my elbow, and have been using it for about four years now. I always have some at my house to ensure quick healing and pain relief.”
-Milan Sivananda, skateboarder of 13 years. January 28th, 2012.

“Your People Putty™ spray is fantastic! I don’t usually give testimonials, but this medicinal concoction is so great I wanted to share it with others. After
spending almost $1,000 over six months on various physical therapies (all of which helped), plus Arnica, Traumeel ointment and Badger Butter, an injured shoulder was still only about 80% cured and not getting any better. However, after two days of using your stuff I could feel things happening, and by the time the bottle was finished it was healed the rest of the way. Many thanks, Crow, for sharing this formula. Many blessings for White Crow Botanicals!”
-Peter Mt. Shasta, author of I AM The Open Door

This is Dr. Tim Kersten, D.D.S., my incredible dentist from Burney, CA. Dr. Kersten has been a leading innovator in the dental industry for 30 years and has a nutritional and natural based philosophy. After his healing experience using People Putty, he now stocks and sells it out of his office.
-Dr. Tim Kersten D.D.S.


“I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet ‒ I use People Putty™ on my feet and the burning goes away. The pain is so intense, it will wake me, and with one application of People Putty™, I have relief. I can sleep again!”
-Joanne Moonflower, Mt. Shasta, CA


“In the past few years of working in the woods as a logger, I’ve experienced a lot of injuries and muscle pains. In 2008 I dislocated my shoulder. Creating art every day has been hard for me since then, because I use my upper body to operate die grinders, sanders, and chain saws. I use People Putty™ every day because it helps me. I rub it into my shoulder and knees daily, and it relieves my pain greatly.”
-Les Miller, Crescent City, CA


“I have been using People Putty™ for over a year now. My husband introduced me to People Putty™ after I injured my back in an auto accident. People Putty™ takes the pain away and has a very pleasant fragrance. I would definitely recommend this to my family for their aches and pains!”
-Yvonne Miller, Crescent City, CA

“People Putty™ made my extensive sprain bruising disappear magically in days, not weeks.”
-Nan O., Gemologist

“I want to thank you for your amazing product! I have always believed in the power of herbs, and have used them all my life. I use People Putty™ for everything. It’s great for my fingers when I play guitar, or for when I have a sore arm from making arrowheads all day. I just rub it in a few times a day, and my arm feels new. I’m 61 years old, haven’t seen a doctor in over 30 years, and I feel great! Keep up the good work! “
-Lloyd Ward, LTD. Roland, OK


“Seven years ago I was diagnosed with a very painful, chronic, and degenerative disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis. I would never be the same. People Putty™ gets me back on track. It eases my pain without using expensive chemical painkillers. My family and I use People Putty™ daily to relieve our aches and pains. Thank you White Crow Botanicals!”
-April Collins, Mother, salesperson, artist, surfer.


Happy customers, Amy and Gavin.


camilleThank you Crow! People Putty has helped speed up the recovery of an injured toe, which is feeling so much better now!!!
Camille Gibson Chicago, Ill.


robinPadmay, my dog, loves People Putty. She experiences arthritis in the “knee” of right back leg and we have been using people putty on her for years. When she has a flare up from playing too hard, and I start spraying her with people putty, she lifts up her leg so I don’t forget to spray the inside of her knee joint too. She knows it brings her the healing she needs. She thinks she is people too. Thanks Crow for the herbal combination that we need for our human and animal bodies.
Robin J. Mt. Shasta, Ca.


“I recently took a spill on my bicycle and damaged my left shoulder and rotator cuff, tearing several ligaments. After two months of using People Putty™, I have avoided going to surgery, and I have returned to riding my bicycle and playing disc golf. My enjoyment of life would not be the same without a bottle of White Crow Botanicals People Putty™. It’s a $20,000.00 surgery, in a $20.00 bottle! I believe in this product so much, that I have now become a distributor!”
-James Anthony, Ashland, Oregon