How to apply People Putty

Hiking and backpacking are so much fun. I know that there are many others out there, like me, who experience soreness and aching in various parts of their body when backpacking, especially when carrying a heavy pack. With my knees, it may have been just too many times jumping off high rock cliffs on a snowboard over and over, in many past winters. It seems that every time I carry a heavy backpack a few miles, on a switchback trail, my knees become sore and ache.

It is at those times that I sit along the trail on a rock or in camp, and know that relief is on the way. I pull out the small travel size, blue bottle of People Putty, and apply. One would tend to think that after I have used People Putty on injuries for so many years, that I would still get surprised at just how fast results come to my knees after application, but I still do.

Appling People Putty is so easy! All one has to do is remove the cap and spray away. On a larger area like the knees, especially when they are sore, I tend to be generous with the People Putty. It is a good idea to spray about eight to ten sprays form the bottle on each knee, and then rubbing it into the area. That’s all there is to it!

Within a minute the People Putty will dry and one can feel a noticeable coating on the area. Contained in this coating are many healing ingredients that the body will continue to absorb for the next few hours. Allantoin (a cell proliferant), soothing demulcents, and astringent tannins are a few of these ingredients.

The herbs in this formula provide immediate tissue relaxation by increasing blood flow and circulation in and out of the area, and also creating a natural anti-inflammatory reaction for quick recovery. With swelling and congestion being released, it is only a short time till relief is felt.

Be sure to sure to apply before jumping into the sleeping bag at night as well.  If you have annoying aches and pains doing what you love to do, you deserve to try People Putty. 

Happy hiking and camping.

White Crow Botanicals People Putty Video

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