I had always taken the view that if you wanted to thoroughly learn a subject, go to a proven expert. I had first met Dr. Jensen in 1976 when I attended a special cancer seminar in Seattle, put on by an organization that specialized in alternative methods for treating cancer. He had been picked, along with about 20 other doctors who were considered the successful doctors in the entire world in treating cancer. Doctor Jensen’s success in treating cancer was over 70%, which is mind-blowing and completely ignored by conventional medicine today, where their success is less than 19%. This figure includes benign skin cancers and does not take into account the fact that 80% of all “cured” cancers by modern (allopathic) doctors, returns, which is then 99% fatal.

Doctor Jensen’s success in treating leukemia was over 40% and at that time conventional medicine success in treating leukemia was 0%. It was here that I also met doctors Pavlo Arrola and amazing John Christopher. Later I became Dr. Jensen’s student and stayed in a trailer home on his healing ranch. During this stay I obtained vast amounts of condensed, solid, and proven information about nutrition, Iridology, and many other healing methods. I didn’t learn just medical concepts as taught in colleges and medical universities. I learned from one who had studied more healing methods than perhaps any doctor in history and more than that, one who had actually practiced these methods in his own sanitarium for over 50 years. I was receiving proven methods from the master himself.

Dr. Jensen was recognized throughout the world as the father of Iridology, and as one of the most successful doctors the world has ever known. Kings and presidents have sought his advice. Mahatma Gandhi religiously followed his suggestions. The King of Hunza became Dr. Jensen’s patient and friend. Though I had already studied the science deeply, I was to learn such an incredible amount of information that it really changed my life. Dr. Jensen was a walking encyclopedia, possessing an almost unlimited amount of information, yet he was a humble man and has attained the exceptionally rare qualities of wisdom and humility. I felt very fortunate that he and I became friends.



My Meeting with White Crow

A few days later I was having dinner with my roommate, Dr. Tom Honka, when the most unusual fellow I have ever met sat down in front of us. Everything about him was different. In fact, there was nothing normal about him, except that he was human. (At least I’m pretty sure he was.) His hair was long and short at the same time. The only things he wore were shorts, some things in his hair, some bands around his wrists and ankles, and a necklace made of some kind of sea shells. He had a strong nose and his blue eyes, which looked in two different directions at once, were the eyes of a medicine man.

Doctor Honka introduced us and said his name was White Medicine Crow. For some reason my mind went into confusion. It raced frantically around trying to fit him is some sort of category. I concluded that there was no mold to fit this guy. We instantly became friends and I was very much attracted to his Indian ways, not of the 20th century, but the 19th, which were very apparent in all of his mannerisms.

It had been extremely hot. The air conditioning was nothing but a fan and we all melting in the heat. While having dinner, I jokingly asked White Crow to do a rain dance and cool the place down. Immediately he gulped down his bite, stood up, and in front of everyone, mostly doctors, he began dancing and singing around all the tables. In and out he went, from one table to another. For about 5 minutes he did his dance and we all watched with our mouths wide open. No one knew just how to respond. Finally, without saying a word, he stopped, sat down and finished his plate as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. The next day it poured down rain and became cold. After two days of down pouring rain, and freezing my tail off, I ask him if he would mind turning up the heat a bit because it was too cold for me. The next day the sun came out.

One day at dinner he sat a little container labeled “People Putty”, in front of me and said: this will heal almost anything. I read the ingredients and asked me to tell me about these, most of which I was familiar with. I thought I was testing him. I was very impressed about this herbal knowledge and that was the first hint he knew herbs at a level that was beyond anything book knowledge presented. We talked for hours about herbs and he told me that he had been spending several months eating only wild fresh herbs.

I had always wanted to be able to able to live directly off the land, and bringing a true lover of nature, I thought that I would be able to survive almost anywhere, but I also know that it would be darn hard to do in most places. After listening to him, I realized that it would actually be easy if we knew how he did it.

The next summer, I planned a research and experimenting expedition with him. That would change my life forever and bring me far closer to Nature than anything I had ever dreamed possible. For three months, we were to live off the land, eating only raw fresh and wild herbs, living in the open air, taking cold baths in rivers and streams, and study human potential. We started in Arizona. That was rough. Then the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. That was heavenly. Then it was the Redwoods, the Pacific Ocean, Mt. Shasta area, and then Oregon and Washington.

However, we had acquired a rather serious problem. When in the mountains of Arizona we had trouble obtaining water and were forced to drink water that apparently was unfit to drink. We both became very ill and could hardly walk. It was then that we decided to leave Arizona and find a place in a more lush area – the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. And it was here that changed my life forever.

After about four or five days of eating the herbs from a certain meadow the following experience took place: I was sitting on a rock near our cedar bark teepee, reading a book. White Crow had gone for a walk and was out of sight. Suddenly, I heard him yelling. “Rich, come quick. Rich, come up here, run!”

I thought, “What’s happening? Had he been bitten by a rattlesnake?” I dropped my book and ran as fast as I could in his direction, which, when considering my condition, wasn’t very fast.

When I got close enough to see him, he was pointing to the ground. I thought for sure that it was a huge snake, the biggest I’d ever seen or heard of and he was standing within a few inches of it. My fear of his condition rose highly. As I came closer, however, I realized it was not snake. As I came up to him he asked: “Is this one of those mucoid layers you’ve been telling me about?” At first it had looked like a snake about 6 feet long, looking closer it looked like a piece of leather or rubber-like rope, but upon careful examination I saw the exact markings of the epithelium wall of the small intestinal. This definitely was mucoid plaque, no question about it, but it hadn’t come from the colon. It had come from the small intestines. In fact, judging by the shape and structure of the striations, I knew it was from the upper intestines – from the jejunum, which is just below the duodenum.


I was shocked. I had read every book on the subject that had ever been written and no one had talked about getting this out of the small intestines, only the colon.

Crow saw my surprise. “Well, what is it? Is it part of my guts or what?” he asked.

I replied, “Yep, that’s mucoid plaque all right. Congratulations. You are now cleaner and healthier because that is on the outside instead of the inside. You will feel better, be even stronger, and think more clearly. But you’re not on a cleanse, so how and the heck did this it happen?” Before the day was over he got rid of more and so did I.

From then on, with every bowel movement we both found the rubber-like ropes, usually about two to four feet long. Each piece had the exact markings of the intestinal wall from where it had been formed by the mucins that had been secreted by the Goblet cells in the epithelium cells of the intestine. And, when these layers came out, the shot out. You will know what I mean when it happens to you. They were coming from all parts of the alimentary canal – the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, and the colon. Later, much later, they even came out of the stomach.

I began to take this very seriously. I soon realized that the “magic” occurred as a result of eating a certain combination of herbs. We also realized by the second day of this massive cleansing that we were well again, our strength had returned, and we were soon to surpass our normal strength and endurance. Here we were – eating two big meals a day of just herbs, well, not entirely. We would use olive oil and apple cider vinegar as a dressing and some times we would add raisins. There was nothing else that was working this magic. I felt that we had come upon a group of herbs that had tremendous potential. More and more I realized that this was a very important discovery indeed, at least for anyone who had the wisdom to use it.

Ten days went by and this disease-causing plaque kept being eliminated. We wondered if it would ever end. Our health, just in those ten days, had improved beyond our greatest expectations. Neither of us had ever felt better. Our energy grew, we felt really good inside and our happiness increased along with our energy. What was most amazing is that the herbs responsible for this healing magic were common herbs, yet no herb or medical books we had read, and between us there were over 50 books on this subject, ever mentioned such a profound effect as we were getting. Were we the first people in history to discover such a thing?

The next step, I thought, was to find out if this would work using dried herbs instead of fresh ones. After all, how many people had gone out and lived only on fresh, wild herbs? Not too many, that’s for sure. So maybe it was their fresh condition with all the chlorophyll, vitality, life force, liquids, and enzymes at full strength, but something inside told me that it would work in the dried state just as well as the fresh, that is if I had the right combinations and the right amounts. I became almost possessed with the desire to learn more and put together a formula that would help all who desired greater health, and I mentally recorded all the herbs that we used during those days.

Months later, after we had completed our expedition, I completed my new dried herbal formula. I convinced White Crow to join me in giving it a try. We were on it for six days. But, about 1:30 one night on the fourth day, White Crow got up, went downstairs to the kitchen, cooked up a large batch of potatoes, and had a feast. This obviously slowed down his cleansing process, but he still got rid of 28 feet of the terrible mucoid plaque. I eliminated 40 feet. Besides the fact that I had no potatoes to slow me down, the reason I was able to get rid of more than Crow, was simply that I took enemas and he wouldn’t.

It was a success from the start and when people heard about it, they wanted to try it also. White Crow went around telling everyone how much he eliminated and how wonderful he felt. Soon we had people from all over northern California and Oregon using the herbs. People would do the Cleanse and tell or their friends and soon I could hardly keep up with it all.

Crow was a man that was so in touch with nature that it stretched my imagination very widely. I loved it. I had started out a skeptic, analyzing and questioning and doubting every detail of every experience, I ended up so impressed that I am still impressed. To be so close to nature is an honor that words cannot describe. Crow was able to show me that Nature is so alive and intelligent that it deserves our highest respect and help. It was one thing to talk to plants and trees, but it is another thing to hear them speak to us.


What I learned from Crow changed me in the most incredible ways and I was able to help Crow in ways that made his life better too. Each doing for each other what could not have been done by anyone else; we both remain forever grateful to each other.

I left out of this little story the many mystical experiences we both had whenever we got together. We saw and experienced profound and unexplainable things. They were so unusual that we seldom talked about them with others. In the coming webinar, Crow and I will share some of these experiences and we’ll bring to the edge of your seat wondering if such could actually have happened. We can say, though, we both will swear to the heavens about, that are telling you the absolute truth, and you will know, for you will be able to feel the sincerity we’ll both have.

Rich Anderson

Meeting White Medicine Crow by Rich Anderson (Arise and Shine)

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    Hello there,

    Am so glad came across your experience, myself suffering for so long. Now a widow and cannot afford feeling so down exhausted, please tell me the herbs you used to eliminate mucoid plaque.

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      Hi Pearl, I can refer you to the company called Arise & Shine herbal products. You can Google it they are in Washington state. they have the formulas and product/information available of what was created then to rid the plaque and details of the cleanse. Be well .

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