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     Here at Arise and Shine we are proud to announce a new very impressive product that we are now offering to our customers worldwide. If any of you have ever experienced an injury or have damaged yourself, then we now have a product for you. It is called People Putty. One of the reasons we are so excited about this product is because it is made by our friend White Crow, who is a master herbalist with over 30 years experience and training in the holistic medicine field. He has studied with such greats as Dr. Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jenson, Dr. Richard Shultz and others.

A product that is as completely natural as this and has such a reputation of healing behind it, is very unique. I have known White Crow for over twenty-five years. In fact we met at Dr. Jenson’s Healing Sanitarium in 1985. This is about the time that I noticed him using this product on himself and asked him what it was. He responded, “Why it’s called People Putty and it is for putting us back together when we have damaged ourselves”. He explained how active he was in the snowboarding and surfing world, and that injuries were common if a person was pushing the limits. He said, “I had to come up with a way to keep myself on the ski slopes, as I could not handle any time off, especially due to an injury”. At that point in his life his goal was to board at least 100 days a season.

I asked him to explain how he came up with this formula. He told me that after studying intensely for a few years and learning extensively from various teachers, as well as communing with nature, he had a creative spark and inspiration from the Great Spirit. This happened as he was sitting one day on a mountain top in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. The creative force and inspiration flowed and he wrote down the formula almost exactly as it is today. Although during the last 20 years, there has been much experimenting done and several additions and subtractions made to the formula, to bring it to the state it is in now. Even such little changes as using the sprayer atomizer for the easiest application method brought about its share of research. There was the problem of how to keep the thick solution, full of rich healing demulcent mucilage, from clogging the sprayer. Now that is kind of a funny expression, “demulcent mucilage”, however, that is one of the keys to People Putty’s effectiveness. This simply describes a gelatinous substance of various plants that contains protein and polysaccharides, which can soothe or protect any abraded mucous membranes and tissues. Most all traumas to the body need this healing property. I tried some back then on a sore knee, and it worked so well, that even to this day I do not leave home without it.

So I asked what’s in this stuff. White Crow answered, “It’s one of the finest combinations of herbs on planet earth”. And “Nothing will repair and rejuvenate the body and its tissues better and faster, why I have seen miracles happen with the use of People Putty”. As one customer said, “its a twenty thousand dollar operation in a twenty dollar bottle”.

White Crow continued, “Of course it contains Comfrey. For over 2500 years, Comfrey’s use has been recorded, since Alexander the Great to the present. Comfrey has been mending the battle scars and injuries of human kind. There simply is no finer healing herb for the repair of tissue.

“Comfrey is the queen of all healing herbs,” He said: “especially for speedy recovery. In this formula both the leaf and root are used for maximum benefit. Comfrey contains numerous healing constituents and one of them is an active ingredient called ALLANTOIN, which is a cell proliferant (causes cells to grow faster). Allantoin has been known to rebuild cells and connective tissue, dispersing bruising and encouraging the formation of new cells. Both the leaf and the root can contain up to 1% allantoin. Comfrey is anti-bacterial, an anti-inflammatory, a soothing emollient, and helps speed healing up to three times faster than normal. Comfrey helps skin irritations, relieves arthritis, tendonitis, scar tissue repair, and so much more.

“There has also been added another nine herbs to create a well balanced formula to cover all the different parts of the body. People Putty contains herbs that are specific for bones, nerves, glands, ligaments, cartilage, and everything in between. Relaxing the tissues and allowing the life force or Chi to flow is covered as well. Healing ingredients need to be able to carry out the waste products, help reduce inflammation, relax the damaged nerves, supply nutrients and active ingredients for the body to readily use and keep the area disinfected and contract and tighten the tissues to promote maximum healing.”

He went on to tell about another of his favorite herbs, Lobelia Inflata. “Lobelia, he said with unusual enthusiasm is one of the most powerful antispasmodics, a muscle and nerve relaxer. Lobelia will relax the tightness and spasms produced by the injured tissues. It is critical to achieve this so blood and lymph can flow in and out of the area and to bring nutrients and carry the waste and excess fluids out so healing can take place.”

I was more intrigued and asked about the Lavender oil and why it was in there. Quickly he said,” have you heard of aroma therapy?” This essential oil starts the healing process. The instant one inhales its fragrance, the brain releases molecules to trigger immediate relaxation and balancing in the body and the nervous system. This allows the liniment to be absorbed and penetrate even deeper. Lavender is also cleansing and antiseptic, especially to skin irritations and burns, and as an added plus, it smells wonderful too!”

I sat amazed at the creation of this product and all the research that went into developing it. People Putty is also very easy to use and all one has to do is to shake, spray it on and rub in several times a day. The Putty leaves a notable coating that will be absorbed for hours thru the skin and into the tissues. It’s easy and works for everyone it seems. I asked how many people that it has helped and he said literally thousands, and has a book of testimonies to back that up. I have given Crow several of my own testimonies and have heard numerous people tell me that they could hardly believe that it worked so well and so fast.

Last summer I accidentally slammed my knee on a rock and then had to hike out with a sore knee. That night when I went to bad, my knee ached. After tossing and turning and trying numerous positions, I still could not get to sleep. So I got up and in the dark found my bottle of people putty and rubbed it in. In less than a minute I returned to bed and went right to sleep. Later in the morning I marveled on how fast it worked.

About a month ago, after returning from a hiking trip, an old friend pulled up to Arise and Shine and had her 78 year mother in the car. I went to say hi. Her mother got out of the car gave me a hug and said: “Watch this” and she strolled across the payment in a hurry walking upright. Then she demonstrated to me how she was walking only two weeks ago. All bent over, barely able to take a step. Then she said: “Crow’s People Putty took all my pain away and straighten me out. Rich, I’ve been in pain for years and this only took one week. It’s the most amazing product I’ve ever seen.” They had come by to pick up more people putty. This is typical.

I cannot tell you how excited we are at Arise and Shine to offer this product to our customers. In closing, for all those who are struggling to find a product that works and bring relief to life’s little challenges and past or new injuries, I say, AWAKEN TO A NEW YOU. Remember it is our opportunity to create a new body. It is scientifically well known that every cell is replaced in less than seven years and the body is always in a state of change so when we can add extra help like People Putty, our ability to heal is tremendously improved. Truly we are blessed.

Rich Anderson

“People Putty” by Rich Anderson (Arise and Shine)

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  • March 21, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    My daughter told me about your People Putty, and suggested I try it. Well I did and two days later ordered a large bottle of it with extra spray bottles so I could share it with my neighbor.
    She was leaving that day on a very long trip and was having lower back pain. I told her spray this on your back as you travel to make your trip more pleasurable. After her return she commented that it truly worked and was very thankful that she could enjoy her trip.

    Now for myself! I was working in my garden, you know, pulling weeds, mowing the back forty and just about anything else you can do in between rain and wind storms. Needless to say, that night both of my hands were beginning to swell and every muscle, joint, tendon and whatever else is in there began to hurt. Now let me tell you that was an unbearable pain. My husband said, “use some of that spray”! So at first I started to just spray it on the most painful area then thought, why not just spray it all over both of my hands. SO I DID!!!!
    I am not sure how much time went by but all of a sudden I noticed that my hands were not hurting at all……AMAZING RESULTS
    Final out come…………… I got to sleep restfully that night without any pain!!!!!

    Thank you PEOPLE PUTTY….

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